The Vortex tubes

What is a Vortex tube?

A vortex tube is an apparatuswhich has no moving parts and converts compressed air into to air currents: a hot one and a cold one.

A vortex tube may refrigerate up to 3 kW using compressed air at 7 bars. A throttling valve at the heated exit of the tube allows for air output and temperatures to be continually adjusted.

How does a Vortex tube work?

Compressed air (between 5 and 7 bars) is introduced into a nozzle with tangential orifices which create a whirling movement (approximately 1 million rotations per minute). The whirling flow is directed toward an adjustment valve through which some of the air escapes and the rest heads back to the centre of the first vortex at a slower pace. There is thus a difference in speed between the two flows which leads to a thermal exchange.

What are Vortex tubes used for?
The Vortex tube is used wherever localised cooling is effective, it is easy to install and its price is reasonable. It does not require any maintenance.


No moving parts
Practically no maintenance
Low purchasing cost
Small and light
Localised cooling
Instant commissioning