What is a X°Air air knife?

The X°Air air knife uses the COANDA effect to deliver high velocity air with a small volume of compressed air. The amplification coefficient is 30:1, which means that the consumption of compressed air is reduced by 40 %to 90% and sound levels by 10 dBA as compared to classic blowing methods (pierced pipes, nozzles etc.).

It takes just a couple of weeks to make up for the initial cost of the air knife.

The amplification ration of the X°Air air knife is 30:1.

How does an X°Air air knife work?
Drying after washing
Cleaning of a conveyor
Cooling by blowing
Environment separation
Cleaning after painting
Opening of bags
Conveying of paper sheets

The compressed air is injected through an orifice (1) into the chamber (2), and comes out of the slot (3) at a rapid pace, inducing an flow (4) called an "entrained" flow.


Silent (< 70 dBA)
Low air consumption
Regular airflow
No moving parts
Anodised aluminium or stainless steel
Easy to install
No maintenance required


How  to calculate the economy achieved ?


The graphs show the consumption of compressed air at different pressures for a 25 mm air knife and for orifices of different diameters.
1. To determine the air consumed by a pierced pipe, take the consumption for an orifice according to its diameter and multiply this by the number of orifices in the pipe. This will give the total consumption.
2. To determine the air consumed by an X°Air air knife, go to the point marked 0.05 on the graph, and multiply this value by the length of your knife given that the value read from the graph is stated for a length of 25 mm.